Colbert on ”the Hip Hop t-shirt”

As much as i love fashion, i also adore when other people make fun of some aspects in the industry. This one is from Stephen Colbert, on the Colbert Report regarding the ”famously¬†controversial” t-shirt from A.P.C and Kanye West that was sold out, at a price of $120. As Colbert points it out, it’s pretty much a plain t-shirt…100% cotton.




Fashion Victims


”Fashion Victims” by Yolanda Dominguez sheds light as to who the real Fashion Victims are. In the recent events of the Bangladesh tragedy, it is important that we do not forget that the way we consume has a much bigger impact than what ends up in our closet.



Ugliest shoes i’ve ever seen

Because we all know Lil Wayne has so much talent in design and fashion, he just had to create a pair of sneakers. But, really, that’s not why i wanted to make this post, it’s was just to show you the comments, such as “Air Weezy with downsyndrome” or, “Lil Wayne is an idiot. This is a clusterfuck of silhouettes and possibly the worst shoe I’ve ever seen.” and, “Wooooooooooooooooooooooow. Payless x Lil Wayne x Seizure x Jeremy Scott x Times Square x Gay night club”.

Hypebeast’s comments are always so hilarious.


Oh, those are the sneakers…Lil Wayne and Supra Chimera